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Falling Male Figure
Left/Right Handed Portrait
Two to One Portrait
catscradle, pillar
Woman with a Foil
Single Double Portrait
small pair_tree_edited
Three in Window
Left_Right Portrait
One Twosome
Northern Renaissance Woman w Pencil

Van Der Weyden Double Portrait

29 x 40 Litho 

Two Handed Portrait

30 x 22 Lithograph

Falling Figure  

22 x 30  Litho

Woman in the window.  42 x 29

color lithograph

Older Lithographs

Severed Ties 

12 x 16 Litho  Unique Image


16 x 20 Litho

Troubled Dreams Again 

10 x 22 Lithograph

Color Explorations

Calla Lily  

6 Color Lithograph

11 x 11

Rose   10 x 14

7 color lithograph

After Maplethorpe

10 x 14  7 Color lithograph

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