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This is the title page of a book of poems by Dante Alighieri, translated by Harry Duncan, published by Kairos Press.  These poems are illustrated by a series of lithographs hand printed in a state proof fashion, bound in vellum, in a limited edition.

Follow the link below this image to see a video illustration of all the pages.   



                         Transformation Sequence
This is a series of 16  State Proof lithographs organized together into a narrative.  Page size is 22 x 30 inches.  This  Sequence evolves dramatically because its not bound by a text per se.  I started it with only the first few images in mind, but the rest of the pages evolved along with the process of drawing and printing the series.
I used a software program to present this series, call Phantamorph.  It's the perfect way to present a series such as these on the internet.  The program "fills in the gaps" between each of the prints.  So, as your watching, be aware that the long pauses between the "morphs" are the actual State Proofs, or set pages of the series.  
One of my favorites.  This one is in the collection of the Harry Ransom Center in Austin and the NcNay Art Museum in San Antonio.  Two of these sequences were purchased by a private collector, Robert Tobin.  He has since passed.  I don't where they are now,  so if anyone knows, let me know.  Enjoy!
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